Identity In Native American Identity

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Identity can be identified in multiple ways. factor can be someone’s race, religion, language, culture, and heritage. America is a continually growing country, that contains numerous identities. So, even though so many different people that make up this country, does America truly have a cohesive identity? It’s extremely complex and can be studied in different ways, due to the different ways Americans view themselves. American artists have the ability to use their work to show, explore and question how people live their lives and the experience. These things help create their identities and can relate to certain aspects in the American lifestyles. The artists can also delve into themes of identity as a group of people that have things…show more content…
A painting by George Catlin, titles “Wi-jun-jon, Pigeon’s Egg Head Going to and Returning from Washington.”, is a great example of Native American identity. It depicts the leader of a Native American tribe assimilating himself and is people into the American settlers’ culture. A majority of settlers thought the Natives were living like savages, even though that how they lived in their culture. Their culture was seen as primitive, compared to the culture of the settlers. More and more people started to move out west due to cheap land and entrepreneur opportunities, even though those territories were already populated by the Native Americans. There were countless confrontations between these two cultures, that either showed how they coexisted and fought each other. The constant fight probably caused the Native Americans to be close to extinction, because they fought for their right to stay on their land and not learn the culture of the…show more content…
Ideals of the nations identity, liberty, and human dignity. The bloody outcome allowed African Americans to be freed from the oppressive weight of slavery. Many African American artist created artworks that dealt with the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. Freedom and the; long history of slavery now became apart of the African American identity. Some artist also showed everyday life as an African American, and how their lifestyle was very similar to their oppressors. The identity of African American was constantly messed up, because of their oppressors making them seem like vulgar, troublemakers. The African American artists were making choices in communicating ideals to their audience and how African American are portrayed. African American artists created work that celebrated their culture and what they achieved despite the continuous

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