Identity In Raymond's Run By Toni Cade Bambara

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Identity is like a fingerprint; a unique identifier of who you are. People must create their own identities and they do so through the decisions they make. When people allow themselves in order to develop and maintain a strong sense of identity. Raymond's Run is a short story based on a girl named Hazel and her brother Raymond who is ¨not quite right¨ as Hazel says. Hazel loves running and always first in competitions. She is always looking for Raymond and takes him with her when she is practicing and also to the May Day race where Raymond starts running in his own unique style changes Hazel´s view on Raymond, herself and the people around her. In Raymond's Run, Toni Cade Bambara uses characterization to illustrate theme of identity. In the story “Raymond’s Run,” the theme is supported when Squeaky is protecting those who she loves dearly and helping those in need.Squeaky always makes sure that her brother is safe by keeping him on the inside of the sidewalk and away from traffic,“…and I’ve got Raymond walking on the inside close to the buildings, cause he’s subject to fits of fantasy and starts thinking he’s a circus performer and that the curb is a tightrope strung high in the air”.When Squeaky keeps Raymond on the inside of her, she is making sure that he is safe and putting her life on the line by being closer to the cars. New York City is a very busy place…show more content…
In conclusion, Raymond's Run is a story that mainly summarize the key points of finding your
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