Identity In Romeo And Juliet

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The expression of Juliet’s identity in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is complex. Looking at the different type of tones, behaviours, language and attitude displayed in two social scenarios. In particular the contrast between Juliet with her parents, and Juliet with the nurse. Juliet mostly keeps her emotion clam over the different personalities she encounters throughout Romeo and Juliet yet we can unveil a struggling relationship with her parents compared to the Nurse who is much like her second mum. Shakespeare has been very clever in incorporating many useful language devices in exposing the enigma in Juliet's identity, mostly similes and metaphors with a lot of effective puns and bombast. Juliet's complex identity makes her more of an enjoy to investigate and see how she interacts with her different social groups.

Shakespeare has Juliet's identity very complex in the social scenario with her parents.Juliet has a strained relationship with her
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Leave me alone for a minute. Oh my, my bones ache so much. I’ve been running all over the place.
I wish you had my bones, and I had your news. Come on now, I beg you, speak, good Nurse, speak.
Sweet Jesus, you’re in such a hurry! Can’t you wait for a moment? Don’t you see that I’m out of breath?
We can see the frustration with Juliet wanting answers and her rude attitude. But half of it is them being so close they take it little and are very close. Juliet and the Nurse have a very close relationship and it is not like with her parent it’s much more laid back and normal. She definitely has a stronger relationship with the nurse then her parents.

Juliet's identity is very complex and we see in these two social scenarios the much different. She is much more laid back with her nurse and not with the parents. She is still very demanding in both but she struggles to communicate with her parents. She is a complex 13-year-old girl but william Shakespeare has been cleaver to show her
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