Identity In Swallow The Air

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Discovery is an instinctual part of the human structure, through discovery an individual can gain insight into themselves and the world around them, which can intern impact their current perspective. Tara Winches novel, Swallow the air, represents this in a variety of ways. Swallow the air is written from the perspective of May Gibson, a teenage girl living in a coastal NSW town. The novel follows May’s travels as she unearths the truth about her past. As the story progresses, the reader observes the protagonists’ responses as a result of personal growth, cultural awareness and the circle of abuse. Who Do You Think You Are is an Australian television series that explores the heritage of Australian celebrities. In series 2, episode 4, singer Christina Anu traces back through her families past to reveal…show more content…
Left with no one but their broken aunt, May and her brother, Billy, are apprehensive to attach to something, or someone, for fear that they will leave her like her mother did. This is shown in the quote, ‘When Billy and me lost our mother, we lost ourselves. We stopped swimming in the ocean…lost trust because we didn’t want to touch something that was going to fall away.’ This represents May and her brothers

Mays’ exploration results in new challenges that enable her to progress and develop, allowing the audience to observe her personal growth as she matures.
‘Sometimes people stand in the way of other people’s eyes. I wasn’t waiting for a change.’
This quote demonstrates Mays’ desire to take responsibility in her life. She realises that she isn 't going to let other people inhibit her growth. May understands has to take life into her own hands if she expects changes to occur.

By the end of the novel, she returns to where she started, at home with her aunt and brother, showing that discovery can help one to gain a greater perspective on what they had in the first
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