Identity In The Alchemist

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Many people may not know much in the way of their identity. The challenges can help people learn about themselves through the actions they take and what they can achieve in the face of adversity. Learning about your identity is represented quite well by Santiago in Paulo Coelho’s fantasy novel The Alchemist. The the start of the story Santiago is lost with no goal in life and has little knowledge of what it outside of the plains and towns of Spain. Then Santiago is faced with massive amounts of adversity in the form of a threat of death he learn about his identity and learns that he can face and overcome the challenge. Ultimately Santiago has developed his identity through the soul of the world and alchemy and has achieved his personal legend…show more content…
He is constantly slammed with adversity, he gets a job at the crystal shop after losing his money. ““I can clean up those glasses in the window, if you want,” said the boy. … “you did not have to do any cleaning,” he (the shopkeeper) said. “Koran requires me to feed a hungry person.” … “Do you want to go to work for me” the merchant asked.” (Coelho 45 5, Coelho 46 4 9) When santiago losses his money he does not give up he learns and finds a man to help in exchange for food and in the end gets a job that he can do while learning the language of the locals, finding a way to egypt and developing his identity. This job allows him to make money and the strength to carry on in his journey. Later on in his journey he is faced even greater adversity and the same thing happens he is dejected and lost but picks himself up and preservers. “ “he is going to transform himself into the wind, just to demonstrate his powers. If he cant we humbly offer our lives for the honor of the tribe.” … The boy was shaking with fear, but the alchemist helped him out of the tent. … the alchemist continued, “usually the threat of death makes people a lot more aware of their lives.”” (Coelho 140 6 8, Coelho 142 2) Just like before Santiago is afraid and doesn't know what to do in a situation of adversity. But he does not give up he perseveres and developes…show more content…
He speaks with the desert, the wind, the sun and finally the hand that wrote all. He learns from speaking with each of them, and new insight in to the language of the world. As a result of this he becomes more independent less reliant on the people around him like the alchemist. This is clear after the Alchemist leaves him on his own, to find the treacher by himself. This new found independence is reminiscent of a developing identity as he is no longer leaning on the support of others to find his way and adapting to and learning about his situation. He gains a new sense of confidence and identity due to the adversity he
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