Identity In The Great Gatsby And The Forest Gump

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Identity Agreements Between Gatsby and Forest Gump People have different life styles and different characteristics as their identities in the society. A man who owns a company may be considered rich; a girl who smiles all the time may be considered kind. Everyone has unique identity to be distinguished from others. Some people’s characters may be very alike, and some may be completely opposite. Identity is addressed significantly in the book “The Great Gatsby” and the movie “Forest Gump”. Gatsby is a man who organizes parties for everyone; Forest Gump is a low-intelligent man who does things depending on others’ will. Both of them have struggled at wealth, friendship, and love. Both of them are considered not ordinary in others’ thought. Although both Gatsby and Forest agrees that they are different from the majority of people, Gatsby argues that he think of himself is different from what others think of him, while Forest Gump argues that he is the man who everyone else sees. Both Gatsby and Gump have a wealthy life in everyone’s eyes. Gatsby owns a big house where he does party for anyone. The narrator in the book describes it fancily as: 'The one on my right was a colossal affair by any…show more content…
Gump was not popular since he was defined as a moron when he was young. Then Jenny becomes his best friend who guides through his entire life. She accepts him to sit beside her when he got turned away by everyone else, and she told him to run when he got bullied. She is the first friend he has ever got. As time goes by, Gump got more friends as he’s life keeps developing. He met Bubba in the army, a guy who keeps talking about shrimps. They promised each other to get a shrimp boat after the war. They are the best companions for each other during the war. In the war, Gump had saved his commander Lieutenant Dan’s life from the bombs. Afterwards, they go on to the shrimp boat and start the adventure together. Their relationship keeps going on till the wedding of Forest
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