Identity In The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, tells the story of a boy named Amir and his story and journey throughout his life. In Afghanistan there are two major ethnic groups. These two ethnic groups are very different. The Pashtuns are the upper class and the Hazaras were much lower than them. Most Hazaras worked for Pashtuns, in this case, Amir is a Pashtun and Hassan is a Hazara that works for him and his father. In this society it is very difficult to find your true identity, a lot of factors come into play, whether it is people or events that you encounter. Due to the large difference in both Pashtuns and Hazaras, the idea of power plays a strong role. People with power end up abusing it, which leads to the corruption of power.
The core of identity is figuring out “who am I” and learning who you are is the core of your life’s journey. Amir is one character who shows that everything around him creates his identity for him rather than figuring it out for himself. Amir looks back at his childhood when he was just 12 years old living in Afghanistan. He reflects on the past alot because for him the past is not over yet. He believes that the past is a big part of who he is and no matter how much time passes by, the memories and events that took place in Afghanistan will always be with him.
Many people in Amir 's life affect the way he sees himself. For example Baba, his father. It is hard for Amir to find out who he really is because he is not the typical male afghan son Baba
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