Identity In The Last Labyrinth

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Indian writing in English is a product of the colonial rule. The Indo-English novelists find it difficult to get out of Western influences. It is in the sense that in their effort to give an expression for individuality the Indian writers in English lose their sense of identity – both personal and national – and feel alienated in their own home, making frantic efforts to seek, organize and affirm identity. In many cases, not only the novelists but also the characters in their novels face what psychologists call identity crisis. The protagonists of Arun Joshi’s novels are perplexed and they find themselves in the fast-moving world with no clear ambitions in mind. Som Bhaskar, the protagonist of The Last Labyrinth, seems to explore the hidden treasures of life. He searches for his own bearing of life and death, sorrow and joy. He fails to relate himself to the worldly system and relations. Consequently, he develops divided personality, and fails to reconcile himself with his self. This failure to identify with the self makes him a seeker-a seeker of truth of the self. A great change takes place within him when he sees Anuradha. After seeing Anuradha, Som Bhaskar’s inner self manifests itself. The quest for identity was the prime drive of Mr.Som Bhaskar. The life’s hard realities prevent his endeavour which was to enlighten the civilized world to come out of the mockery of hypocrisy and deceitfulness of the world where every day people die for one reason or the other.
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