Identity In The Movie Grease

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In the movie, Grease, the characters are in their senior year at Rydell High. These adolescents are starting to encounter the confusion of developing their true identity, and breaking away from the peer pressures and conformity found in most schools. Theses adolescents in the hand- jiving 50’s are emerging themselves from their irresponsible teen years and progressing into adulthood. These kids at heart do not want to let go of their freedoms of being in high school and participate in risky behavior to keep the thrills alive. The power struggle to keep their image as being cool is difficult as the boys of the T-Birds, find themselves falling for the girls of the Pink Ladies. They are unsure of where life will take them after graduation, but they know that being yourself is the best way for everyone to be together. The characters are starting to feel the pressure of having to become an adult. Jeffery Arnett’s point of view for the emerging adulthood is present in the movie. They are trying to explore their true identities, while trying to keep their egos of being the cool kids. Danny feels this struggle, when he sees Sandy for the first time at the bonfire pep rally at the school. He becomes the caring softie, and soon looks…show more content…
Their ultimate feat is to figure out their ideal self and who they want to be, and must balance who they are and who their peers think they should be. They must ultimately decide to conform to society, and be who they think they should be, or not be afraid to show people their true side. We Adolescence is a time for us to learn from our mistakes and sometimes we find ourselves giving into peer pressures and engaging in risky behaviors, such as smoking and drinking. Gender roles, self-esteem, personalities, cliques, popularity, and establishing their identity are all important factors that contribute to being an

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