Identity In The Myth Of Oedipus The King

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In the myth of Oedipus Rex a man reveals the truth of his identity. This story takes place in the city of Thebes. Creon arrives from Delphi and reports that the oracle said "find the former kings murderer". Oedipus seeks information on who killed Laius. Oedipus invites Tiresias a seer to the palace but Tiresias regrets coming. Tiresias tells Oedipus that he is the wound in Thebes. Oedipus responds by saying Tiresias is plotting treason with creon. After Tiresias leaves Oedipus accuses creon of treason, creon defends himself. Jocasta stands up for creon, however Oedipus agrees to banish him and he exits. Oedipus complains to Jocasta about creon. Jocasta tries to calm Oedipus by telling him that prophesies and oracles can be false. Jocasta tells Oedipus about what happened to Laius, Oedipus feels dread. …show more content…

Because of this Oedipus fears he killed Laius. Oedipus agrees with Jocasta to wait to hear the shepherds testimony "number of Laius killers". Soon People start doubting oracles and gods. Then the Herald from Corinth tells Jocasta about polybus death and Corinthians want Oedipus as their king. Oedipus finds out polybus is dead and he didn't kill him. Oedipus still fears the prophecy with meropi. But then the Herald tells Oedipus that polybus and meropi are not his parents. The Herald testifies to Oedipus identity as an infant. Soon Jocasta feels horror and dread as she realizes the truth of Oedipus identity and she wants to protect him. Shepard reluctantly shares the past events he tells about who Oedipus real parents are. Next Oedipus realizes that Jocasta is his mother and Laius is his father. Chorus reacts with

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