Identity In Thomas King's Between Heaven And Earth

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Dj from “Between Heaven and Earth,” found out a lot more about who he was from his journey. Before traveling and climbing kilimanjaro, he did not know his grandfather and he was not confident in himself. The death of his grandfather made him stronger. First, right after his death, he brought his family together. After he climbed the mountain, he was stronger physically and mentally. He realized he was like his grandfather, he could achieve anything he puts his mind to. When he was climbing the mountain he texted his brother Steve and this is what Steve said “don’t be sorry. Go through the tired. Go through the pain. Believe you can do it. Try and you can’t fail. You’re good as grandfather. I believe in you. KUTGW bro. Grandfather’s waiting at the top. KIT.” this is what DJ got befor he got to the top of the mountain. Thomas King, author of “I’m not the Indian you had in mind.” finds his identity in what he isn’t. He rejects the stereotypes about Indian people.…show more content…
She try to make herself look like a boy, “she pinched my right niple hard when she caught me all wrapped up trying to flatten them” so she was embarrassed. She likes the girl next door and her brothers start to pick on here at supper yelling :Jill wants to be a boy” which was hard for her . jill also tried to make the private area look like she had balls and to close her private area so her mom had to help her clean everything up down there. Her mom wasn’t happy that she tried to make herself look like a boy and her mom got mad. This year we have learned a lot about identity and some of us still don’t know who we are and we all should go and find out who we are as people. There is different kinds of identity and I don’t know them. There is a lot to know about identity and you keep learning about it because identity keeps changing. When people change so do their identity and everyone is different but we do have somethings that are the

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