Identity Observation Of Gene And Ellen Foster

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Identity observation of Gene and Ellen from two different novels, one being “A Separate Peace” starring Gene Forester, and the second novel called “Ellen Foster” starring Ellen Foster.
These two characters develop their identities by interacting with certain characters that they know throughout both novels. You can see this taking place in “A Separate Peace” when Gene seems to envy Finny for his athletic abilities an example of this is when Finny unofficially beat the schools swimming record on his first try. So Gene then tries to show up Finny using his academic abilities (Pg 43-44). This can be compared to Ellen when she envies Dora for getting everything she wanted for christmas. So Ellen tried to show her up by telling her that she had a boyfriend (Pg 111-112). Both characters are attempting to better the other they at the moment, and both are comparable because they are fueled by jealousy. They also both have a sense of bravery to them. This can be observed when Ellen is in her school and her drunken dad is outside yelling for her. She then proceeds to get up and trys to be responsible for the class, by telling them to stay calm and stay seated (Pg 53). The way Gene has a sense of bravery to him is when he climbed the tree and started their secret society known as “The Suicide Society of the Summer Session”(Pg 24). This shows that they
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An example of this can be found when Ellen wont eat with Starlettas family simply because they are black. But later on in the novel she realizes that racism is wrong. Life advice from the novel ‘A Separate Peace” would be don't let jealousy and envy overtake you, because it can lead to something you will regret in the long run. This example is found when Gene causes Finny to break his leg because he is jealous of Finnys athletic ability. But later on finds out that he ruined Finnys athletic days altogether and ends up regretting it in the long

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