Identity Politics In Slavenka's Novel 'S'

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In Slavenka Drakulić’s novel, S -a novel about Balkans she challenges the ideals of identity politics and the role of that the woman’s body played during the Bosnian war. This essay aims to discuss how Drakulic addresses these issues in her novel; this will be done by placing the novel in context of the Bosnian war followed by a close critical analysis of the given two texts. This analysis will facilitate the discussion of how the woman’s body is used as a political tool for genocide. The issue of forced impregnation as genocide will be further discussed in relation to religious and identity politics that are present in the novel.
President Tito 's death in 1980 led to the rising of nationalism in Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia disintegrated under the ethnic conflict and economic issues, the Serbs held influential power . The tree main ethnic groups were; Bosnians (Muslim Bosnians), Serbs, Croats and Yugoslavs. In 1991 Slovenia and Croatia declared independence. In 1992 when Bosnia-Herzegovina declared independence war broke out between Serbs, Croats and Muslims in Bosnia, destroying mosques, mass killings and ethnic cleansing which continued for
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In the given quote when S had said that they have occupied her body and they are winning was at a time of complete torture, torture of not just her body but of her actual being. S soon realises that she can take back her independence, she will not let them win and rid the world of Bosnian Muslims. She has the power to raise this baby boy as a Bosnian Muslim who will carry on the race. Although the woman’s body was used as a political tool during the war, those woman had the opportunity to chance the politics of
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