My Perception Of Myself Essay

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Weimin Deng Catch me Inside, You will be Surprised What is my purpose for living? Few years ago, my answer will be to live a successful life without negative emotions. Apparently, in Susan David’s TED talk on The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage, I am someone with dead people’s goals (David, 2017). In fact, I had lived almost two decades of life striving for dead people’s goals. My perception of myself is a pre-med that went through many trials of tribulation. These trials of tribulations has allows me to experience the harsh reality of life that is constantly creating a new sense of self. While sharing many commonality of life experiences found in literature and films, for examples, Half the Sky, Heroin, and a Path Appears,…show more content…
She taught me that one is most true to oneself when engaging in occupations. I begin to unlock myself from my own comfort zone as I engage in newer occupations that allow me to become more creative and alive. My reincorporation phase followed with many more meaningful occupations that will allow me to grief without hurting my health. I joined a community known as Actively Moving On (AMF). Within this grief group, I found confidence in talking about my story and building empathy for others. Seeing that Forgiveness was able to find happiness in a community of girls that had been raped and forced to prostitution, I felt the immediate connection to the value of a community (Kristof and WuDunn, 2009). In Susan David’s TED talk on The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage , she emphasized the idea that “tough emotions are part of our contract with life” (David 2017). Although we have this contract to have tough emotions from our own unique experiences, I cannot emphasize enough how effective having a community is at making these emotions more
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