Identity Reflection

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Weimin Deng Catch me Inside, You will be Surprised

What is my purpose for living? Few years ago, my answer will be to live a successful life without negative emotions. Apparently, in Susan David’s TED talk on The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage, I am someone with dead people’s goals (David, 2017). In fact, I had lived almost two decades of life striving for dead people’s goals. My perception of myself is a pre-med that went through many trials of tribulation. These trials of tribulations has allows me to experience the harsh reality of life that is constantly creating a new sense of self. While sharing many commonality of life experiences found in literature and films, for examples, Half the Sky, Heroin, and a Path Appears, I have develop a unique identity that is combination of my goals, values, and roles (Christiansen, 1999). In this paper, I will speak of the life events that has influence my self concept and formation of identity that includes my goals, values, and roles. I was 19 years old when I saw my mother cried. These tears were not tears of happiness, but bullets to my heart. My sense of guilt grew day by day as I could not piece the puzzle together. Did I say something wrong during the conversation? What were we talking about? The topics were either I was doing poorly at USC or grandma’s health. I visited my grandma from China the previous year, and she was the healthiest 84 year old I ever seen. Unfortunately, my grandma suffer a leg injury
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