Identity Vs Identity

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Identity of oneself is different than the identity that other may see. I wish to see in the hope near future that labels are not used for means of discrimination but as a way of to accept the different types of people. What need to happen to accomplish this is acception. We need to acknowledge the facts. No need for pointing fingers at each other when no action is being done. It 's useless and a waste of resources and time. Current the main issue is difference.When a person is exposed to change they can either embrace the change with open arms or don 't like the thought of change. There is evidence that changing certain things caused a sense of rejection at first before it slowly becomes the norm. People have to remember the earth is constantly changing and the types of problems never always stay the same. To solve problems you can 't always use the same methods. We also need to educate.With Baldwin during his experience that the “Other children, having been taught that the devil is a black man”, This brings a point that many fail to see. People aren’t born racist. It 's the environment and influencers. You can 't really blame the person when they are surrounded by an environment of the same mindsets. Racism is something that I always frown upon so instead too getting mad and pointing blames it 's important to educate. So the wronging as argument with no reason reasoning tend to never lead to progress. “Often causes then to appear;these create for them a frame of reference
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