Ideological Domination In China

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The People’s Republic of China was established in 1949 by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After the reform and opening policy was issued in 1978, China has now became the world’s second largest economy. Though it still declares itself a socialist country, China is generally regarded as an authoritarian or totalitarian capitalist country led by the CCP(Witt, 2012). Supporters for late economic development theory, such as Hirschman, regard political order acquired through authoritarian ruling as critical in explaining developing countries’ rapid economic development. Thus, studying the main reason for China’s stability is of great significance in understanding China’s rapid economic growth. This paper will argue that “ideological domination”…show more content…
Policies were constantly issued in order to strengthen the ideological domination through the compulsory educational system, which serves to promote ideological domination in generally four ways: provoking belief towards the CCP’s core ideologies; instilling love and obedience towards the CCP;shaping students’ opinions on certain issue and emphasizing the great achievements the CCP has made. The influence of ideological domination through compulsory educational system is not merely limited to simply prevent rebellion from happening, but even mobilize people to consciously and forwardly help preserving the government. In the case of China, it can be regarded as a very important reason for China’s lack of rebellion after…show more content…
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