Discourse And Ideology

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The conceptual approach to understand the question of quality through the ideological framework in which it shapes the Quality in higher education. Discourse and ideology are the concepts to discover the quality of higher education. These two are inter-linked as discourse is part of the ideological concept of higher education. This discourse helps the ideological character and its influence in higher education. This slice will help to understand the relation between the ideology discourse and the idea of quality though it is difficult to connect to each other conceptually.

To start with ideology, it is a puzzling concept which can be interpreted in both positive and negative ways . But, in a general view, ideology represents social interests. McLellan argues that the Ideology is not only a partial understanding of reality, but it also differentiates the power. To say precisely it is a social struggle for power. According to him, ‘‘ideology is rather an aspect of every system of signs and symbols in so far as they are
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While there are various opinions on higher education and all may have their own perceptions on quality in higher education. Not shockingly, the literature (Barnett, 1992; Hodson & Thomas, 2003; Hoecht, 2006; Milliken & Colohan, 2004; Morley, 2003) on the idea of quality in higher education often imply a regime of control which can be explicit or implicit, conscious or unconscious . Therefore, here, few questions can come as whose views and judgments should be taken for quality in higher education? And is it possible to consider views of particular group as a quality in higher education or not? The idea of quality in higher education can be structured through the network of discourses. As it is discussed, that the ideology is as set of ideas this can attribute considerable meaning(s) to

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