School Culture And Ideology

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This study seeks to reveal the root of ideology, school culture and identifies the answer of how a leader may influence school culture and ideology.
As the word ideology is polysomic and displays a complex and manifestly promiscuous history, a clear differentiation of the varied meanings and usages of the concept is fundamental for any kind of critical thought. In its most generic and neutral uses, ‘ideology’ refers to a system of beliefs, ideas, values, attitudes and ways of thinking about the world, human beings and society (Ideology, 2011). Used more negatively and critically, it designates a particular set of beliefs involving a biased, distorted or false vision of the world that functions to support and justify powerful social and political
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Although the effectiveness of school principals has direct effect on the school staff and students, culture plays a very crucial role in ensuring the students’ performance of a school environment. This otherwise ephemeral aspect that is often taken for granted feature of schools. From my point of view, it is actually a very vital feature in educational enterprises. Culture has an impact on all human action, which is going on within the school environment. For, example, this includes the dressing code of students apart from school environment, interactions and relationships between parents and relatives, the willingness of individuals to adapt to change in tremendous situations, the instructional practice of the school, and the approach given to student learning from school…show more content…
In order to change the way their students learn for a good way, teachers have to alternate and change the skills they teach. By releasing their total control over students ' opportunities and wishes to learn, teachers as leader of school culture permit students to take more responsibility and obligation for their own learning at schools. There is no doubt that it is easy to say, arduous to do, yet necessary if we are going to change the culture of our schools and classroom for better condition. Therefore, the author would like to point on leaders role at school. Various things depend on principal’s choice. Hence, it is directly affected on school culture at

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