Ideology Of Ideology In Macbeth

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Ideologies intoxicated the society in which Macbeth was produced. Beliefs plagued the monarchy, which resulted in conservative, cautious and imperious mindsets. Written in 106 by infamous William Shakespeare, Macbeth tells of the ambitious Macbeth who gains prophecies from three witches. Hungry for the throne, Macbeth and his wife descend into a battle of evil and wreck havoc on the Kingdom. Macbeth challenges the patriarchal view of the society by critiquing the feminine qualities of aLady Macbeth. Several beliefs are questioned though the use of figurative language, shuts the ideology of the Great Chain of Being. Witchcraft and the supernatural are addresses as a popular topic in the 17th century. The ideas of fate and disorder are challenged, yet reinforced, as Shakespeare works to give an understanding to the types of beliefs that society held. Shakespeare’s novel diverges the audience and leads to the questionable ideologies that were said to be bestowed by the Creator himself.

During the time period of Early Modern England, women were restricted to a certain way of living. This satirical and patriarchal belief led to Macbeth challenging the traditional role of women through the masculine portrayal of Lady Macbeth. Consumed by the ambition the witches prophecies game her, Lady Macbeth demands the spirits to “unsex [her] here” [1.5.2] In order to commit murder, she must first rid herself of any empathy ad love she possesses. She is subverting and undermining the
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