Ideology Theory In Nursing

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There has been so many views and different interpretation given to ideology as a component over decades. Even though Marx seems to be the father of ideology, some other authors also mentioned some things about ideology. Shelby (2003) examined in his book some contemporary social theorists and philosophers’ view about ideology and stated that ideology is the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real conditions of existence, and that ideology is a social consciousness which takes certain false things to be true about matters having significance to the outcome of class-divided societies. This was in full support of what happened in the above scenario. The man involved had false beliefs and thoughts about the attitude of nurses in general,…show more content…
The man in the scenario had belief and part of his belief systems was that nurse are always mean to patients and their relatives. Ideologies are social: this is another assumption of ideology made by Van Dijk. It was assumed that not only dominant groups, but also dominated groups have ideologies that control their self-identification, goals, and actions. The same is true for other social groups, such as professionals (journalists, professors), action groups, or organizations and institutions . (Van Dijk, 1995, p.248) This assumption can be related to the nurse’s behavior. The nurse can be referred to as the dominant group in the above scenario, so her ideological belief affected her action particularly how she behaved to the…show more content…
This was what the man, in this case, acted at his ideology about nurses(that nurses are mean) was the function of how he interpreted the nurse’s actions and comments. Another form of ideology that exists in the case above is what I term “Gender Ideology”. This form exists in this case in such a way that the man involved demonstrated a gender ideology, having it that even though the other person involved is a nurse and seems to be in power as at the moment she was caring for the wife. Being a woman, the nurse should still show respect to the man who is her patient relative; the nurse should not have had the boldness to have challenged him even when the man was

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