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Idiocracy is a satirical science fiction comedy film direct by Mike Judge in 2006. The movie about Joe Bauer, A US army librarian, and Rita are selected for a suspended animation experiment, in one year, about average appearance, intelligence, and behavior. But for some reasons, the leader of the project was arrested, and the suspended animation experiment was forgotten in many centuries. In 2505, after five hundred years, Joe and Rita awaken, they realize one thing that the intelligence of people, in 2505, is extremely lower than the past. Joe and Rita try to escape from this society and try to find the time machine to travel back to 2005. So, in future 2505, why are people decreasing in their intelligence than in 2005? Begin of the film,…show more content…
They live in the environment with full of trash, rarely of tree, and ruinous building/roads. Most of people cannot read and write, so we can see most of the posters or advertisements are picture. Also, the clock uses number to show the time because people don’t know how to see the time as the past. They use slang to communicate with others and their voices sound like dumb. Moreover, no one want to use his/her head to work, they don’t like to thinking or spend time to solve a problem. Therefore, coffee or Starbuck is not really necessary for them. In 2505, people don’t go to Starbuck to enjoy coffee, read book or working; they use Starbuck as a place for prostitution. I think this society look like in Stone Age that people just think about eat and sex. Also, the law, in the country, is not fair at all, so they don’t show the proof to tell a person guilty or not. It just base on their moods. Moreover, the medical care is so terrible and unscientific also because the doctors don’t know how to treat the patients. Also, like almost of people in this country, doctors have trouble with their intelligent as well. In 2505, the education system is change a lots; people don’t go to college or university for study, so they can get their degree in Costco- I think they also trouble with the study programs. Moreover, people don’t

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