Idiom In Salamander

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In the novel, Salander is not the only one sexually abused; Harriet also is a victim of abused. When she was young, her father uses violence and sexual abused to her. Although, her mother knows about that, she ignored and let everything continue happen to Harriet. Every time, his father drunk, then he beats and tried to rape her. For many times, Harriet scared and ashamed, so she does not want to share with anyone. Once, when he tried to rape her, luckily she could escape and pushes his father into the lake. Harriet though that she could get off of violence and sexual abused from his father. However, Martin witnessed her father’s death, so he threaten Harriet and force her have sex with him. “I was so happy that my father was dead and the violence…show more content…
An idiom is described for Martin’s character that wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s mean to describe someone as a wolf in sheep 's clothing means that although they look harmless, they are really very dangerous. Martin is a successful person; he is a CEO of Vanger Corporation. However, the fact that he is a perverted killer. “You would not able to understand the godlike feeling of having absolute control over someone’s life and death “(Stieg Larsson450). Martin’s father teaches him the way to violence and sexual abused to women when he was fourteen. After his father died, he inherited and continue abuse her sister and lots of other women. He kidnaps many women, torture them in his basement and kill them. Then, he threw their dead body into the sea. It’s a ferocious action. “ I’m more of a serial rapist than a serial murderer. In fact, most of all, I 'm a serial kidnapper. The killing is a natural consequence so to speak because I have to hide my crime “(Stieg Larsson 449) Martin chose these powerless women to kill, for example immigrant women, because they have not relative, so no one will going to find them or open the investigation. Martin will safe and continue abused other women. Martin’s crime stem from his childhood abused by his father. Instead of try to prevent any abused like Salander, Martin chose a different way to solve it. He become another abuser, and abused dozen others
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