Idiom In The Glass Castle

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In her memoir, The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls reflects on her unstable, chaotic, poverty-stricken upbringing at the hands of her profoundly dysfunctional parents. Constantly getting into trouble, being short on food and money, the Walls family frequently tried to escape their issues by moving from one city to the next, as her father Rex refers to it -- “skedaddling”. Despite sounding a little silly, the word “skedaddle” has a rich history, developing overtime into today's meaning -- “ to run away or flee in a hurry”. This cultural idiom finds its origins in late 19th century Britain and Ireland. It is commonly believed to be an alteration of the word “scaddle” from British dialect, meaning “wild” or “skittish”. While in Ireland “skedaddle” means “to spill out or scatter”. The word…show more content…
Much like many other idioms the word “skedaddles” us is necessary because we need to communicate something and our language lacks a single specific word, and therefore it is popularized through culture. We frequently learn idioms outside of the classroom setting because of the slang and casual tone these words oftentimes hold. Although we are not explicitly taught these idioms it is important because they can shift the reality of a specific situation into abstract blanket statement/though, allowing for a more effective way of idea expression.
There are many theories calling to question the true origin of the word “skedaddle”, but there is no definite or single answer to this puzzle. As the world around us changes, so does the way we utilize and interpret language, a word such as “skedaddle” is embelic of this. In the world today, the internet, social media, and other technology have given rise to plethora of new diction, that is why it is now evermore important to be using experiences in and outside of the classroom to promote the expansion of new language and
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