Essay About Learning English Idioms

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Researcher stated that the teaching of idioms has been one of the major problem in foreign language teaching in recent years. Idioms have unpredictable meaning and variety of usage in different context whose meaning cannot be determined from the meaning of its parts.
In a word, idioms are set phrases and sentences. They are not obvious not only in their grammatical constructions and established collocations, but also in their specific meaning
AZ Fotovatniato said the usage of idiom is so common in English that it seems very difficult and occasionally unnatural for L2 learners to apply effectively in an L2 communication context without the knowledge of idioms. So, learning English idioms is the most important aspect to L2 learners, and non native learner must prepare to meet with idiomatic expression. Therefore, language learners are faced with the problem of comprehending and producing idioms, and, usage of idiom. This paper attempts to the best strategy for the teaching and learning of idioms in the EFL classroom.
Statement of the problem
English language has thousands of idioms which usually have literal meaning quite different from figurative meaning. It is clear that students’ language abilities will improve if they can learn these idioms and use them accurately and effectively. Most of EFL learners, for example in Iran, after many years
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Theref6r, it is not uncommon that even 3earner at higher levels of proficiency, students lack conciseness of expression. Sometimes lack of idiom knowledge leads to express precisely what they want to say in short utterance. Teaching and learning idioms is one of the most difficult areas in which L2 teachers and learners are involved. Therefore, L2 researcher and teachers have always been searching for practical and effective teaching techniques
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