Idioms In Vietnamese And Vietnam

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Language is a communication tool and system to a civilization and different from country to country. Every nation has their own historical, civilized, cultural, climatic characteristics, so every nation has their own language. However, different nations have similarities and differences in expressing their ideas. One common way of showing emotion and attitude is to use idioms. Idioms are used worldwide in order to express meaning more specifically. They can be seen as a mirror of human’s conceptualization in the world. Learning idioms is an important way. They are component of English and Vietnamese in everyday conversations. A study of the similarities and differences between idioms in Vietnamese and English is helpful to perceive each country’s knowledge and their own cultures, which reflects dissimilarities and coincidences of the two countries. In addition, making a comparison can be a perfect idea to study and master English. Introduction
What are idioms?
Vietnamese idioms. Vietnamese idioms are a group of special words or phrases whose meaning isn’t clear and meaningful from looking at the individual words or just a glance. While idioms are used day by day, it is complex and hard to understand if a person is new to the language. Vietnamese idioms are popular, multi-meaning and difficult to obtain a full obviousness even with a native people because they are defined by figurative and metaphorical meanings. Mostly, idioms appear in body parts, fairy tales.

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