Heroes In Literature

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#14 Anabelle Hicks Feb.13 Beta TKAM/ Scrappy Little Nobody
Heroes of Literature Imagine an idyllic superhero. What superpower ability will they have? Think about the best power imaginable; it doesn't matter. While heightened strength will be helpful, a hero is made by actions. Famous superheroes such as Superman and The Flash wouldn’t be considered heroes because their abilities; they are heroes because of their strong displays of compassion and sacrifice made. True heroes are compassionate and make sacrifices. Just like superheroes,
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Anna is the protagonist of the book and her parents play a huge role in her success in the first couple chapters of her life. Anna’s Mom used to show sympathy for her by boosting her confidence in her height. After school, Anna would come home and complain about how she is the shortest kid in her grade. She would tell her that in the long run, being tall or short doesn’t matter and that she is perfect just the way she is. Her mom could see that Anna was bothered by her lack of height and comforted her. One example of a sacrifice is her parent's commitment to supporting Anna’s acting career. Even though they had jobs and social lives, Anna’s parents never complained about the long drives from Maine to New York for prestigious auditions. This shows heroism by her parents sacrificing their time to drive Anna to auditions. An additional piece of evidence is how whenever an audition or show didn't go as planned, Anna’s parents always showed compassion by reassuring her that one poor show wasn't the end of the world. After Anna’s Shirley Temple performance gone wrong, Anna’s parents convinced her that she should continue to pursue her acting career. Lastly, Anna’s dad showed benevolence for Anna by listening to her when she told him she needed a break from her constant shows. He brought her up to the Catskills and they spent the weekend together. When they drove back to the city, her dad said: “‘You…show more content…
Atticus takes cases that will inevitably leave a mark in his reputation and make people furious, sympathizes for people who are harmed who don't deserve to be, comforts a new widow when being informed of the dreadful news, teaches his children the importance of showing compassion, and protects the children of the Ewell family. Anna's parents give up plenty of social events to further Anna's acting career, comfort her in times of despair, gives her confidence and a higher self-esteem, and believes her when she is admitting to an issue. One well-known example of a hero with these qualities is Robin Hood, a character from notorious English folklore. While Robin Hood may have been wanted by the law, his compassion overpowered his judgment and sacrificed his free life to give to the poor. Robin Hood is looked upon to be a hero to the impoverished because of the sense of charity he possesses and the expense of his mission (giving up his innocence to the law by stealing). At the end of the day, the theme of these books is that heroes are compassionate and make
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