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Parent Input for IEP Name of Student: Kalina Ridgway Name of Parent: Sarina Ridgway The information on this form will be used when writing your child IEP. Please fill it out and return to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. 1. What are your child’s strengths? Kalina is a friendly and sweet young lady who is willing to help others when asked and/or needed. She is eager to learn and when she does not know a particular context, she will research the information to be able to understand. In addition, Kalina loves reading non-fiction text as it provides her evidence along with knowing simply mathematics as it is logical information. 2. What are your child’s weaknesses? Kalina has a communication disorder which impacts her ability to understand complex thinking, fictional text, social cues and verbally express. Kalina’s inability to transition into different areas of her educations (multiple classroom movement along with peer and teacher interactions), causes her to regress in her educational development. I have only been able to communicate with Kalina’s math teacher Ebonie Taylor when it comes to Kalina’s progress, to which I learned she has some weakness of withdrawal and not being able to complete work assignments when assigned, to which I ensure she does complete on the weekends. 3.…show more content…
What progress has your child made this year? I have not seen no progress of Kalina this school year. I believe the lack of communication from teacher to parent is a strong impact of Kalina’s progress. I introduce myself in the beginning of the school year to inform all of her teachers of my strong input of Kalina’s education, but when it comes to there Kalina’s concerns and/or struggles, I am not informed of there and/or her needs. I have been in contact with her math teachers, but that is not a lather of concern as Kalina does not have a math IEP
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