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Overview. After meeting with the Inclusive Special Education English teacher, Kurtney Cabradilla, she shared different aspects and details that occur in IEP meetings. At Trevor Browne High School, they address the unique learning issues during annual meetings. Instrumental enrichment program (IEP) is formed to lead students towards enhance thinking skills, creativity, behavioral self-regulation, and academic achievement goals. Policies, Times & Dates. The general procedure starts with an annual IEP meeting that asks for parent request and permission. This request often is in the form of a letter, email and then a phone call. After 13 days, with each of three methods of notification, an IEP meeting can initiate without the parent. All attendees…show more content…
Major IEP meetings begin with the initial IEP, an Annual Review meeting and the 3-year review Meeting. Other types of meetings are stated as “conferences,” but are not necessarily reported. The amendment meeting allows to add and revise levels of performance and/or annual goals and…show more content…
In IEPS, the distinction of goals to objectives come up as goals are “annual” and objective “short-term steps to reach goals” (Heitin). Types of goals recognized: academic, address social or behavioral needs, relate to physical needs, or address other educational needs. A goal must be “measurable-meaning that it must be possible to measure whether the student has achieved the goals” (US Dept. Ed). Experts of the National Reading Panel in 2000, express research in reading, all this information has led to better instruction in reading instruction thus the NCLB (Heitin). For those with a SLD in reading a goal could be to “increase narrative discourse skills…” coupled with the objective/benchmark, “state the main idea of a story, video or situation 4/5 opportunties to do so” (NASET). Quality reading instruction requires “explicit intensive, and systematic instruction,” especially in the categories of: phoenic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension (Heitin). Kurtney shared that most goals and objectives also consider the student’s specific disability; some mentioned were various emotional disability, psychiatric disorders and mild

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