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Even though I have experience helping to write IEPs in the last two years, it was really just from what I gleaned from sitting in IEP meetings and listening to colleagues as they reviewed IEPs with families. This class provided much more detail to me, about the thought process behind each section of the IEP (PLOPs, measureable goals) and why the IEP is developed the way it is. For example, the Present Levels of Performance are written to give a clear picture of the student – where are they now? What are their academic and functional needs? How does their disability affect their time in the regular education classroom? The PLOPs should be written in a way that if a person who does not know the child read the PLOP, the above questions would be…show more content…
Being in close contact with and providing all information to all members of the team is of vital importance to the overall success of the IEP process and moving the student forward to the best of their abilities. I have experienced an IEP team coming together and basically just reviewing the IEP with parents, with little to no input from the family, and making it sound like the family just needed to agree with what was written in the IEP, and I want to avoid this approach with all future IEP meetings that I am involved in. I would also like to send a draft IEP to the family in advance, so they can review the document and come to the meetings prepared with questions and recommendations. I would also like to make sure that all members of the team, to the absolute best of their ability, are in attendance at IEP meetings. The dedication of the IEP team, and the execution of proper IEP procedures are of vital importance to the overall success of the child with identified special needs and a commitment we must adhere to for all of our students

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