If Batman Was Superman As A Superman

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Molly Wurlitzer was so ill that she died in September, 2004, then again three weeks later, that showed a certain amount of resistance and style. Severe lack of breath was the cause.
Upon never recovering, Molly nonchalantly refused to ever again do anything at all !
Another person not to exist ever again was Charles Forbes, who broke the world record for taking his own life.
He was born at 2.43pm on Tuesday, August 15, 1989, and commited suicide at 2.44pm, exactly 87 seconds later.
A statement from the hospital doctor, Lance Fugg, stated Charles was an advanced baby to the point whereby he rapidly suffered Post Natal Depression at the sight of his own birth, and purposefully choked on his umbilical cord.
Other potential people who have not ever been born, cannot be named.

Yes, a leading question as far as Superheroism is concerned
If Batman were Superman, would he dispose of Robin?
Now, this is purely hypothetical as, as far as we know, Batman is and never was Superman.
I mean, he was a super man, in his own right.
And he wore a cape.
But that is as far as the likeness goes.
I often wondered if the caped crusader envied the flying Goody Two Shoes?
After all, Batman had to race off to the scene of the crime in his batmobile.
And he had to put up with that putz, Robin!
What a dork HE was!
All "pose" and no "poise".
How would Batman have looked in a Superman outfit, I wonder?

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