If Black English Isn T A Language, Then Tell Me, What Is By James Baldwin

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Rhetorical Reading Response Baldwin In James Baldwin's personal essay, "If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell me, What Is?" (1979), the author defines the development of language as primarily a political act through which a group of people establish a distinct identity. Baldwin shows this by giving examples of how language allows a group to define and express who they are from their own point of view, instead of having their reality expressed or misrepresented by another group. Baldwin's purpose for this essay is to defend, in an eloquent and convincing way, the idea that black English is a true language, in order to show that it meets the criteria of what defines a language as a method of expressing reality. Baldwin shows children and adults the value of having a language in which one is able to communicate one's own experience is essential to everyday life.…show more content…
Language can either separate someone from this larger identity or connect him or her to it. This essay shows that black people in America have been systematically and institutionally marginalized by white society that their creation of separate and distinct language was a necessity, and this essay brings to light the struggles my community ---------- the black community --------- had faced in an effort to break through stereotypes and erroneous assumptions .I personally enjoyed how Baldwin incorporated historical examples into his essay, such as the Irish and the Germans, because it showed me that African Americans were not the only ones who felt marginalized by the way they use
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