If By Rudyard Ripling: An Analysis Of 'If'

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As you grow up, you tend to hear from your parents and other adult figures in your life the little life lessons which slowly morph and mould you into the person you are today; and in the future. “If”, is a very famous, inspirational poem by Rudyard Kipling that provides advice on how someone should live their life. As well as, the virtues than one should follow to become the ideal human in Kipling’s eyes. Throughout the poem, Kipling gives the reader multiple life situations, both positive and negative, and the best way to act during them. This poem, though written towards the reader, it was directed towards Kipling’s son, John. As you read, you can almost visualize a scene in which a father is speaking to his son and giving him the most valuable life lessons on how to become a complete man.
What ideas he brings up that I think is good, then expand upon them.

Paragraph 2 – Setting the Scene:
• What did you find most interesting, enthralling, stimulating, controversial, moving…This is the most important part of the response.
• You may want to critique the text- that is, say what you would change about it (e.g. the character’s decisions, the writing style, particular events, theme, etc).
• You may like to share your own experiences that relate to the text. One of the things I love
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To be a good human being and to succeed in life, we should keep calm when other people around us are losing their cool. We should not lose our temper even if others are blaming us for their fault. It is human nature to save oneself from the blame and pin it on another. But, you should not lose your temper because of this, if fact, losing your temper does not solve a problem, instead it usually intensifies it. Keeping your head cool allows you to think wisely, face the situation, and ultimately, think of a
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