If Christopher Columbus Didn T Discover America Essay

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If Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America, then what did he discover?
Christopher Columbus is mainly known as the first person to discover America. He actually discovered the Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas, and his journeys are known worldwide. His discoveries helped encourage others to start exploring all around the globe. He had a very interesting childhood, had many accomplishments, and even discovered a new group of islands that are connected to South America.
Christopher Columbus had a fascinating childhood that helped him become a world traveler. He was born in Genoa, Italy during 1451. His father was a wool merchant and didn’t earn much money, so Christopher Columbus started working at a young age. When he was a teenager, he got a job offer to work on a
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Discovering all of these islands made him a very big figure back in Europe. Lots of people, especially the Spaniards, looked at him as a great explorer who brought back new items from the islands of the New
World. He was and still is, a very important figure in Spanish culture because he helped found the island of San Salvador. Most of his discoveries, though, were on the trips that he led to find new lands.
On his first trip, he took three widely known ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa
Maria. On all of his trips, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean to get to the Bahamas and the Caribbean
Islands. On the first trip, he left behind 40 crew members on a Caribbean island in March of
1493, and went back home. In August of 1493, they came back and everyone and everything had been destroyed. He gathered items and left again, leaving his brothers, half of the ship's crew, and hundreds of slaves that he brought from home. He wasn’t nice to the slaves either; he was cruel to them and even killed some of them on purpose. These slaves worked very hard to rebuild the island that “disappeared”, even though they were treated very
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