If Fleas Were Trees Analysis

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Leslie Fleckenstein


If fleas were trees, The setting is a front yard. A giant flea is “planted” (two feet in ground). Part of the house is visible on one side of the picture. It has a few bushes in front of it – part of a window is visible, part of roof, etc. Part of a sidewalk is visible. Bird sits on its nest atop the flea’s head. Squirrel dangles from a flea leg waving at the Reader. A stray red balloon is caught on another flea leg. A man is frozen with a shocked look on his face staring up at the flea tree. Dog sniffs at the base of the flea’s legs.

Would Digger itch his leaves? The setting is a backyard. Wooden fence lined with bushes and flowers
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The barn has a window with shutters that are opened up to the outside. A horse’s head is sticking out of the window with a confused look on its face. In the middle of the pigpen is a mud puddle. There is green grass around the puddle. A long, blond, curly wig is rolling in the mud. Some long curls are up in the air, splats of mud flying. Another wig waits with one curl wrapped around a bottle of shampoo and an impatient curl on its “hip”. Squirrel who is wearing swim goggles sits on a fence post holding a towel over his arm like a butler waiting for the “bathing” wig. Tightrope Bug sits on the ground in the grass with the umbrella held to its side protecting him from a splat of mud coming in its direction. Tightrope Bug is squinting awaiting the…show more content…
The setting is a hoe down barn with couple of rafters showing at top. A few bales of hay are off to one side on the floor. Bird and Tightrope Bug are sitting on a rafter watching the scene below. Tightrope Bug has a cowboy hat on its head; Bird is wearing cowboy boots. Dog is sitting on a bale of hay playing the banjo. An older woman has a bewildered pig perched on top of her bald head as she tries to dance, arms swinging in hoe-down fashion, one knee buckling due to the weight of the pig. Woman is wearing dangling earrings, eyeglasses, bright red lipstick, pink rouge, and an above the knee frumpier dress (white trim around the collar, polka dots). A disco ball twirls from the ceiling. Squirrel, wearing a white leisure suit, strikes a disco pose like

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