If I Could Change About Australia Essay

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Good morning / afternoon teacher and fellow students. If there was one thing I could change about Australia, I would change the amount of pollution we create everyday. Pollution is a major problem as it is affecting the ecosystem which impacts on Australian lives daily but also affecting the world as it is causing global warming. Pollution is when chemical substances or energy that contaminates the environment causes negative changes to normal lifestyle dramatically. There are seven main types of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, radioactive pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution and light pollution.

In Australia, pollution is known for being one of the biggest killers. Just with air pollution, 2.5% of deaths in Australia are caused by air pollution which is more
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There are many solutions to this problem such as the use of hydroelectricity, wind energy and solar energy. By having advertisement for a monthly event for the use of more public transport, walking to work or school or riding a bike, this would decrease the amount of emissions evidently. We could also reduce pollution by using more green households, environmentally friendly products and not litter. Planting trees can help prevent pollution as it cleanses the air and also avoid using aerosol products as can pose as safety hazards. By doing just a few things it could change the outcome of our future from pollution.

In conclusion, pollution is a major problem as 2.5% of people died to the causes of pollution and millions of animals are killed every year. The best way to stop pollution is to use less fossil fuel and use more renewable energy. If there was one was one thing I would change about Australia it would be to reduce our amount of pollution we produce daily to a minimum as possible. Thank you for
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