If I Could Travel Anywhere In The World Essay

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If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would like to Korea first. When I was a student, I dreamed about going there for its delicious food, famous city Seoul, fantastic scenery, in my spare time, I will always watch 《running man》which a famous program of Korea. From what I can see, I gradually know many funny things about Korean and its local condition and customs. All of these factors encourage me to travel the amazing country. Starting from China to Korea, not far away, spend less time. To Korea, I want to experience Korea features bed and food. In addition, I 'd like to try authentic Korea pickles, Korean beef barbecue. I also love Korea 's skin-care products, the duty-free shop I think I 'm going to go out there and take some souvenirs for my family and friends. And I believe I will go abroad for my dreaming Korea someday.

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Whether it is primary and secondary school students, students or college students, each person 's learning results are judged by the final examination results outstanding or not excellent. However, the examination system itself is not perfect. Raising the status of the test also means that it will bring a lot of pressure on students. In today 's information age, learning means progress, a little attention will fall behind others. But it will also bring the students psychological tension and anxiety. In life, parents need to work hard to afford the cost of learning. At this time the test becomes a test of their children to learn whether the standard. Many students also lack self-confidence in the face of new learning environment and setbacks, resulting in their own self doubt. For students, the exam is not only a test, but also a challenge. Adjust the mentality, do not let the test affect their learning
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