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My book If I Should Die Before I Wake takes place back in World War 2, My book is about a girl named Hilary who is a neo-nazi and hates jewish people. Hilary gets into a accident and is rushed to the nearest hospital which happens to be a Jewish Hospital. Hilary soul goes into a 13 year-old’s body named Chana who happens to be a jewish girl although Hilary still doesn 't know why she is this girl or why she understands the hebrew language. As Hilary has flashbacks to her body and as she struggles to survive life in Chana’s body among the nazi. Hilary throughout the beginning she struggles to see how Jewish people are no different in the end, but by Hilary’s first person view through Chana’s eyes Hilary she slowly realizes how the Jewish people are being tortured

One connection I have to If I Should Die Before I Wake I can connect to Hilary in the beginning because Hilary starts crying for Chana’s dad when he is shot by the nazis. Hilary did not know why she was upset because there was no reason for her to be upset for some jewish girls father to die “‘My father died. They hung
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Hilary assumes everything she hears are true because she assumes jewish people are such bad people and they deserved to endure all the pain, Hilary thinks this because Brad tells her all these things about jewish people and how they are so greedy and lazy. I do not like Hilary because she jumps to conclusion about things not knowing half the story. “‘“Do you recognize all Jews as children of Satan?” “I do!”’” In this section of the story Hilary is believing Brad about what Jewish people and why they supposably are not acceptable. This moment in the story I do not like because Hilary does not know anything about Jewish people accept what people tell her, meaning she does not know how they may be feeling or what the Jewish people are going through, until she
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