If I Won The Lottery: A Persuasive Essay: Winning The Lottery

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Winning the lottery can open the door for so many possibilities. Many people play every day just to win. So, people play the lottery to use the money for business, charity's family or themselves. If I won the lottery I would honestly use It for all four things. With so much money I would try and open my own business. I've always wanted a video game selling store. Also, my girlfriend's mom owns a charity that’s helps poor kids in Colombia who can't eat or have clothes for school. I would donate to help those who wouldn’t be in the position that I would be if I won the lottery. The rest of the money I would use it for me and my family. I've always wanted to have my very own jet ski. Me being the person that cares so much about my family I would…show more content…
I would try to help them out in any way possible than I can. If I won the lottery I would be able to help them out much more. They have been living in the same house for over 15 years. The house is getting really old now and its getting everyday harder to maintain it. The pipes underneath the house are always breaking making it hard to shower or drink water. The house is also too small for them. They have 4 dogs and a house like the one they have isn't good enough. I would buy them a house with a big backyard so the dogs can play around. Then finally after I helped everyone that I could, I would try and buy myself something. I would most likely buy myself my very own jet ski. I love jet skiing it’s a way of enjoyment for me on a weekend to release my stress.
Winning the lottery would give me many opportunities to help not just myself but others. Opening a business would be a good investment for me and my future. Would also give me more money to help others like the charity my girlfriend's mom owns. My family has helped me out so much throughout my life helping them would be the biggest satisfaction knowing i can give back to them. If I were to win the lottery so many more lives would be better. I am all about giving back to the community. Hopefully one day I could win the lottery but until then I'll help as best as I

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