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The use of names has gone back as far as we can remember in human history. People have given their kids names and have also named everything else that exists around them. From simply giving different shades of colors names to the naming of ships and bridges. This use of “names” is simply overlooked as it is simply the way things are for most people. In “If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things” by Jon McGregor, the idea of names actually takes a big role in this novel. The use of names in this novel is used to show how people name things in order to remember them, and names also give meaning to people and objects.
To start off in this novel McGregor has the narrator talk about the people on the street by their apartment number. Sometimes at the beginning he doesn 't even give them that as an identifier. For example the girl with the boots and the boy with the wide trousers are never identified other than by those pieces of clothing. This relation is shown in “ The girl with the boots
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In the end throughout “If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things”, by Jon McGregor there is a recurring theme about names. These instances give me the idea of how people name things and classify things in order to remember and interact with them. The power of naming things truly allows people and things to be more remembered. However as seen not all names have the same weight. The power of being remembered by one person is to simply have a few people to recognize your name, but some people are more remembered for the respective reasons. In the case of Shahid he was remembered that day by everyone who was on that street, however he was not remembered by the billions of people around the world or even by the people on the street next to him. Without names people and things would not be what they are, due to there being no true connect to them in someone’s mind. To be remembered or to be recognized people have to connect you to a name or even simply a apartment number as seen in

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