If These Walls Could Talk Essay

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Abortion is a complicated topic to speak about due to the fact that there are social, political and religious views that differ. In the film If These Walls Could Talk, it spans from 1952 to 1996 and focuses on three different women who encounter unwanted pregnancies and turn to abortion as a solution. The first story is about a widow named Claire who has suffered depression because her husband Steve died in the Marines. Her Husband’s family has been supportive to help her cope with the depression, but an underlying truth roamed around. Claire has engaged in intimacy with her husband’s younger brother due to depression and her alcoholic habits. Consequently getting pregnant from him, Claire did not know what to do and with the tension of being…show more content…
Seeing the house again I thought of the title “If These Walls Could Talk” and immediately got that the message that the only connection that these women have is the house. Which is the one who witnesses everything and cannot talk. Barbra the protagonist in the movie is a mother of four children whose trying to complete her education, a problem arises when she is pregnant again. Seeing that Barbra reacted disappointed I predicted that she might turn towards getting an abortion. As a mature adult that produced a healthy family she tells her family that she will have the child. The next story occurs in the same house during the year 1996 and it is about an eighteen year old college student named Christine who engages in intimacy with her professor and later finds out she is pregnant. Being a young adult one does not know how to make the best choices. Therefore, she considers the option of aborting but she is confused of what she should do because morality plays a huge role in these three women. In the year 1996, which was the year of whether or not Abortion should be legal, Christine witnessed the protest and she was being yelled names such as killer, and was frightened. Also seeing how people refused to move from the front of the abortion clinic it stood out to me that people have different opinions of abortion, especially when it comes to religion. This made me feel that people are irrational towards
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