If Thoreau Were To Move To Walden Analysis

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Life or Communication Some people believe that technology today is what is ruining people’s lives. They have so much nature and life around them and yet they do not look around. Most news heard from anywhere can be proven pointless, but communication is also a great source of learning about anything and everything. In these cases, the idea of living without pointless news, and the idea of actually gaining knowledge from any of it can co-exist but also is highly considered the opposite from Henry Thoreau’s views in his book Walden, to Heitman’s essay “If Thoreau Were to Move to Walden Today, Would He Bring the Internet? Maybe”. Today, there is a great hype about the world being at the touch of one finger. In Heitman’s essay he argues that Thoreau would bring internet with him, because it’s a much easier way of accessing what he once could not. “Thoreau speculates about how wonderful it might be to have an unobtrusive library of natural knowledge out in the woods, so that landscape and literature are one.” said from Thoreau in Heitman’s essay. Thoreau wanted to be away from all of the pointless superficial nonsense but the thing he studied and loved most was apart of it, so he was forced to travel to get what he wanted, being books.Arguably enough,…show more content…
He wants to live life to the fullest and enjoys it but with all of the technology around him, who can enjoy it. In Walden, he quotes, “For my part, I could easily do without the post-office. I think that there are very few important communications made through it.”. In this he is stating that,for the most part, there is no point in that route of communication because most of it is not worth hearing or being apart of. With this information anyone can conclude that Thoreau would not want anything to do with forms of communication at all; however, a laptop might have everything he would ever need or
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