If To Kill A Mocking Bird Analysis Essay

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Live Like You’re Loved The poem ‘If’ is a poem that every parent dreams of their kid or kids being someday. I know if I was a parent I would want my kids to be everything in this poem. This poem has so many life lessons it is not funny. If is about a man giving advice to his son to find who he is and to live with integrity and dignity. The first stanza in the poem ‘If’ to me is about self-control, to try to keep a clear head and do not become harsh when people speak against you, and to not act better than other people. In life, it gets hard sometimes to keep your cool, even when you’ve had enough, but what you do next describes who you really are. Atticus is a well-respected man, he gets the most respect in the town of Maycomb. He doesn’t get respect just because he is a lawyer, he gets respect because he is honest and kind to one another. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, this quote shows that Atticus is very humble and thankful. “Atticus’s eyes filled with tears. He did not speak for a moment. “Tell them I’m very grateful,” he said. “Tell them-tell them they must never do this again. Times are too hard…(114)” Atticus is asking for whoever did this must never do this again. Because times are too hard, he just got done setting a jury case between Tom Robinson and Mayella Ewell. After this hard long day of settling this case,…show more content…
Very honest and open with people, not afraid to tell the truth, and simply are for and never against people. At the beginning of this book, I did not understand it at all and thought that this book had no purpose. But I am glad that I did not give up on this book. Because this is one of the best books a teacher could ever give to me to read. It has so many life learning lessons, that this book is a legend, Harper Lee is the best author to write books like this. Atticus proves that he is not just about how he looks, it is about how he looks on the
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