If Tomorrow Comes Character Analysis

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If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon
It is a crime fiction novel. The story tells us how an ordinary woman ecstatic to fall in love and eager to start a family gets framed by the Mafia. She loses everything, family, love and her freedom. Then she gets stuck with a feeling of “revenge”. The story revels how she comes out of the muddle of such a mess.
Tracy Whitney, the pivotal character is a sharp witted, beautiful intelligent employee of a bank in Philadelphia. She falls in love and gets engaged to a famous banker named Charles Stanhope III. She is carrying his baby and both decides to get married. But, later she hears that her mother Doris Tracy has committed suicide at her home in New Orlean. Tracy comes to know about the man behind her mother’s suicide. Joe Romano, the right hand of the mafia of New Orlean. Joe reeled her mother into his con and enabled himself into selling all of her assets in her business of auto-parts. This left her with a huge amount of debt and charges of fraud. Tracy decides to go back to her hometown and to try to make Romano confess of her mother’s suicide. The day she went back to New Orlean was the same day she was about to meet Charles family to tell them she was going to be a part of their family.
There Tracy gets into an assault by Romano and in her defence she shoots Romano. One thing led to another and she gets framed into attempted murder and theft and gets sentenced for 15 years in a prison. There she waits for her love to come he comes
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