If We Survive Chapter Summary

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The book I chose for the book review was “If we survive” by Andrew Klavan. This story is placed in Costa Verdes and some parts take place in Brazil eventually. The main character is Will Peterson. Will goes to Costa Verdes on a mission’s trip with the characters, Pastor Ron, Jim, Nicki, and Meredith. The missions trip was to rebuild the school 's wall that was destroyed by the “volcanos”. The day that the missions team plans to leave a revolution breaks out between the current government and these rebels which the townspeople refers to as “volcanos”. The lead rebel in Costa Verdes is Mendoza. The rebels overthrow the current government and hold the American hostage. Palmer is a former Marine that is the Americans way home. Pastor Ron is killed…show more content…
Mendoza comes to torture and interrogate the five of them. Palmer kills the two guards and threatens Mendoza with the gun from the guard. Palmer and Will dress in the guards’ uniforms and act as if Jim is their prisoner making Mendoza corporate with the plan to escape. They save the girls and almost make it to the trucks before being found out. They escape the prison and hide in the catacombs of a church. The next day the priest has set up an escape for them by a friends’ plane. Rebels find them again and they nearly escape the rebels. They fly to Brazil and their wounds are tended to and planes are booked to go home. Will becomes unafraid of death and his situation of the possibility of his parents fighting and divorce. I really enjoyed this book due to the suspense and action. The book keeps you on your toes because when think they are going to escape something happens and the rebels find them once again. I honestly could not put this book down and it was an easy read and would recommend this
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