My Hiking Experience

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Wiston Churchill once remarked, “If you are going through hell, keep going”
Few months back I went for a hike in Himachal, it’s a thing with me, every six month or so, I have to see something of Nature, something full of grandeur, something of serenity. Usually, my go to choice is to see the mountains of Himachal.
So, I was on a hike to Kheerganga, and I had two more people with me, one was my batchmate and other one was a culinary student, we met on the way.


None of us had any experience in hiking and we were told it was an easy 2-hour walk. We started waking at about 12pm and by 2pm, when we had walked for two straight hours; we came to know that we
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The route turned from slippery to hard pale ice, the wind became chilly as the sun began to say goodbye.
We climbed 15 feet over ice ramp clinging to the roots of plants, we crawled on the difficult areas to not fall into 100 meters of rock and death. At some points, we barely had 2 or 3 feet of area to walk. We walked upon a log of timber bolted loosely to the roots of a tree.
We did all of that but then the worst happened, because we were slow at the start of the journey, now the sun went down. At the toughest stretch of the journey, we did not have light even enough to see our hands.
We did not know how much of the trek was left, how long we still needed to walk and climb, and how many tough spots were left. And we were tired, we were hungry and thirsty.
My friends sat on the ground and said “we won’t make it, it’s impossible” “we should return to the last shop and spend the night there”
That made sense, but to go back was as dangerous as going forward, we might be nearer to the end then we realize. And there was no surety that we would complete this in the morning, we were tired and might as well return back. So I turned to them and said “Either we can go back, and later find out how close we were when we gave up, or we can stand up, finish this and rest on the
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