If You Come Softly Quote Analysis

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In the book “If You Come Softly”, by Jacqueline Woodson, both Ellie and Jeremiah seem to harbor resentment and a certain degree of mistrust towards one of their parents. One reason is in chapter 9+10. In chapter 9+10 Ellie and Jeremiah both show a lack of confidence to their parents. On page 94 of chapter 9, Elie’s dad says “So tell me about this boy Marion says you met at Percy”. Ellie seems to get upset when her dad commented: “about this boy”. Ellie frowns and seems upset. She says “Nothing. There isn’t a boy, Daddy. Just this guy I met who-nothing”. This shows that Ellie does not have the confidence in telling her dad about Jeremiah and admitting that she likes him a bit. In chapter 10 Jeremiah also shows lack of confidence to his parents.…show more content…
Where was he right now? Jeremiah felt a lack of distance from his dad. He found out that Lois Ann and his father had a thing going on. On page 99 it says “He didn’t know that Lois Ann and his father had a thing going on, a heavy thing that would eventually break the family apart”. This shows that Jeremiah is not happy with his family and is very distant from them. On page 101 he mentions that he felt the emptiness of the house settling down around him. Where was his mother? Where had all the people who used to fill these rooms gone to? On page 101 he whispered “Daddy…”, “Mama…”. This is a reason that shows why his relationship with his parents is distant. Lastly, both Ellie and Jeremiah show care for their family. Ellie cares a lot about her family as well does Jeremiah. These two characters have so much love to their parents but are going through some rough times. In conclusion Ellie and Jeremiah's relationship to their parents are very similar because they both show lack of confidence, distant relationships, and they both care about their family. This demonstrates how they are both similar in some sort of
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