If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Book Analysis

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Book: If you give a mouse a cookie by Laura Numeroff, Harper Collins Publisher Summary: In the beginning of the book a mouse asked a boy for a cookie which lead for a glass of milk and more request. Its all began with a mouse asking for a cookie which made the mouse want something new, afterward the mouse creates an endless stream of request that eventually will turn into a cycle. Which leads the reader thinking the cycle will go on all over again beginning with the mouse asking the boy for another cookie. The philosophical context is determinism because it is like life is already set for them with repeated steps for the near future. The mouse asked for a cookie and the mouse will keep asking for the other request. When the mouse asked for the cookie, he soon wanted milk and father so many request he soon became sleepy and fell asleep, when the mouse woke up he ask for other cookie creating determinism. Soon the whole cycle will begin creating the nature of law, just as if it were written since the beginning of time. However there is the boy that obeys and is do what the mouse tells him however the boy is looking exhausted with the duties which makes the boy not care for free will. He is obeying without saying anything or stopping the request not caring enough about his choices. Book: Fancy Nancy and Bonjour butterfly by Jane O’Connor, Harper Collins Summary: Nancy was helping her friend Bree with her butterfly birthday party and Nancy was finding the right outfit.
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