Iftar In Ramadan

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How Muslims from around the world observe Iftar in Ramadan, the breaking of their daily fast.
Ramadan holds a unique position in the hearts and minds of muslim community. It is a special time of the year where the blessings of Allah are showered upon the believers. The whole community fasts with an enthusiasm every evening, the mosques across the world are packed with Muslims listening to the Quran in the Special Tarawih prayer.
The Iftar is the meal served at the end of the day during Ramadan , to break the day 's fast. In other words it is a snack served at sunset during every evening of Ramadan to break their daily fast.
Iftar is one of the oldest rituals followed by Muslims all over the world. Ramadan is considered to be the holiest month in the entire year according to Islamic tradition. Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar during which the whole Islamic community fasts during the daytime. They take a meal before dawn and end the fast after sunset with a special meal. No food or drink is consumed during the fast. It is believed believe that fasting teaches patience, modesty, and spirituality. The timings of Iftar differ according to the sunset timings in that area. In regions with dense Muslim population a cannon is fired to indicate the time for Iftar. In Islamic countries, the time of Iftar is declared through radio and television broadcasting. Ramadan ends with a big feast on Eid- al- Fitr.

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