Igbo Culture

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The Dark Continent, vast in Plainfield stretching as far as the naked eye can see. Different cultures, different people, but all are victims from European exploitation for raw materials. As a patriotic Somali and a full pledged communitarian I believe that I do have responsibility to my continent, because of three main reasons, similar cultures, European colonization and poverty. The Igbo people of lower Niger were colonized by Europe just as Somalia. The Igbo people in Things Fall Apart do relate to Somalis and differ at the same time. For instance Masculinity is crucial to males of the Igbo culture, similarly to the Somali culture, but this were they differ on how to display their masculinity. One way to show your masculinity in the In Igbo culture is if your other half…show more content…
Now for instance if you get caught having sexual intercourse before marriage you’ll be stoned to death. Adultery and homosexuality are also a big sin in the Somali culture, both will lead to a death penalty. Igbo also take religion seriously and is a major fact of their laws. No matter what in the Igbo culture you have to obey the law or you’ll punished as well. It demonstrates in location 300 in Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo had to pay a price for beating his wife in the Week of Peace. In comparison of the two cultures, men are allowed to marry more than one wife. In location 49 it says, “A barn full of yams and he had three wives.” In contrast it is morally wrong in the Somali culture to have a man who his wives live together. However in the Igbo culture it is fine to have a man who his wives live with each other. In location 128, it shows this. The texts explain, “Each of his three wives had her own hut, which together formed a half moon behind obi.” Proverbs are familiar to both the cultures, in the Somali culture a person who lives by proverbs and who memorize the most proverbs are the wisest. The Igbo regard highly of using proverbs in a sentence. In location 53 the text
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