Igcse Global Reflection Report

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IGCSE Global Perspective Individual Reflection
Area of Study: Climate Chang
How does climate change affect human life?

This is my IGCSE Global perspective’s individual reflection report of the group project. In this report, I am going to describe my own role in helping the team to achieve its goal in relation to the team report and the other activities also, I will provide evidence of my contribution to the cohesiveness of the team and how I facilitated the completion of the team goals.
Project plan
The strengths of the plan are that, our group project topic is climate change which is one of the biggest issue the world facing today. As it is a world’s problem, it gives us many ideas of the plan and we can mention a lot of things great quantities
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Firstly, causes of climate change were divided into two groups, which are natural and man-made cause. According to the research, I found that natural causes alone are not substantial enough to result in the climate changes. Currently taking place on the planet and the main cause of climate change is artificial because there are too many man-made damages such as transportation that result large quantity of carbon dioxide and deforestation result less oxygen for living. Secondly, climate change might put our life in danger because temperature related illness to people, heat wave are uncomfortable for everyone especially for the young children, infants, elderly and pregnant. Thirdly, the future issues of climate change, if the temperature is keep rising and rising the Glacial Park might be disappear within the 21st century and glaciers are an very important source of freshwater worldwide, once it melted away they cannot be restored. Moreover, climate change is a global issue but we still can contribute on it in our daily life. For example, by using public transportation so demand of car will decrease therefore, car manufacturing would produce less also, it would reduce the number of carbon dioxide, and it will be a very good idea if we can plant more tress to remedy the trees that we cut down

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